Hailey- snowy senior session

Hailey and I had a snowy session this past Sunday. It was about 15 degrees outside but she didn't let that phase her one bit. She braved the cold brilliantly. She came up with some awesome poses on her own and made the session flow really nicely. It was really nice that we were able to shoot in my backyard so she was able to warm up in between outfits. She's an incredibly sweet young lady and has a pretty awesome sense of style!

Also, keep in mind that she picked out her own outfits. So I wasn't the mean old photographer who made her wear shorts...but I was the one who suggested the formal dress! I've always wanted to do a formal shoot in the snow so I finally got my chance! Gotta be brave for art...<3

northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0095.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0097.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0096.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0098.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0094.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0091.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0093.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0092.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0090.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0089.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0088.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0087.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0085.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0084.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0086.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0083.jpg