Natalee & Grant - Willow Springs Ranch Wedding

On a beautiful Sunady in May, Natalee and Grant said hello to forever at Willow Springs Ranch and I am still cooing over their gorgeous details, adorable golden doodle, and the smiles that spread across their faces from start to finish.

These two lovebirds met at Kanakuk Camp three years ago during their time as summer counselors. They passed their time at camp playing a game of, "Who Would You Marry?". Surrounded by the beach and a circle in which Grant drew for Natalee, Grant asked Natalee, "If the world blew up and Kanakuk Camp was the only place left standing, who would you marry?" Stubbornly, Natalee told him he would marry him. As summer went on, Natalee and Grant went their separate ways.

2 years later, their flame rekindled and the rest was history. The following November, Grant surprised Natalee with a proposal on that same beach at Kanakuk Camp in a rose covered circle. Natalee said yes, and their forever began.

I am so thankful to have been a part of a day so magical and full of love and laughter, and I am beyond excited to share their love story with you all today. From the first look to the sparkler exit, Natalee and Grant's wedding was one for the books.