Abbie & Ben

“Faith makes all things possible. Love makes all things easy.” Dwight Moody

Abbie and Ben said I do and me too on Saturday June 20, 2015, at an elegant event in Cone Chapel on Harding University's campus. Abbie's ballgown with a beaded bodice fit her perfectly and truly made her look like a princess! Ben's tux was adorned with a purple striped bowtie. The bride's family and maids helped her prepare for her special day, as the groom's men helped him. Emotions were high for everyone throughout the day, especially Ben. He teared up during their beautiful first look, and again as his gorgeous bride, Abbie, walked down the aisle to him. Abbie remained all smiles her pure joy shining through. This is a perfect example of emotions remaining strong between the couple even when they choose to include a first look in their day! Personal vows, prepared by the bride and groom were lovingly exchanged. The faithful couple took communion together during their ceremony, in place of a unity candle or the like, as their adoring friends and family looked on. Her six ladies and his six right hand men were all so sweet and helpful! The reception took place at Harding as well. Per religious convictions there was no dancing or alcohol. However, the guests still experienced a fun time of getting to know each other and celebrating the newlyweds over food! Abbie and Ben did a traditional cake cutting, from the beautiful four tier cake adorned with fresh flowers, and lovingly fed it to each other. Rather than having a groom's cake the pair opted for a milkshake which was a very cute personal touch! The glass for the milkshake matched the decor with the purple on the rim and the dainty purple striped straw placed in it.