Jason and Anita - New York City Wedding Photographer

I was so excited about this wedding for a few reasons. First of all, Jason and Anita chose March 14, 2015, at 9:26 to tie the knot because 3.1415926 =Pi, this speaks loudly of how extremely awesome and creative this duo really is. Secondly Jason and Anita are romantics and waited till their wedding day to share their first kiss with each other.  It was so special being able to witness Jason and Anita's love for God and each other. 

Jason and Anita started dating in August of 2014 but had been friends for years before. They knew almost immediately after starting their courtship that they would be spending forever together so it was no surprise when Jason proposed to Anita on the eve of the last day of Hanukah.  Anita knew she would be spending forever with Jason but the proposal was such a sweet surprise surrounded by food, friends and lots of love. 

Wedding plans quickly began as they wanted their wedding date to be fun and quircky ( which perfectly describes them as a couple). March 14, 2015 came and the festivities began at exactly 9:26am.  Jason and Anita wed at the Open Door Bible Baptist Church in Astoria,  NY with photos in New York City. We spent a couple of hours exploring the city and just having a blast taking photos along the way.   

I am just so thankful to have had the opportunity to meet these two and be a part of such a special and meaningful day.