Meghan - Forest and Fin Bicycle Wrap Skirt

I have worked with Laura for a few different shoots now, and I can definitely say that this one way my favorite. I received the wrap skirt back in May and was so excited. I was all ready for the big shoot and then the worst thing happened...rain. We got rained out three times! I've never had that happen before. Finally, we were able to shoot and everything worked out beautifully. Meghan did such an awesome job suffering through this crazy humid and hot Arkansas weather, and she did it flawlessly.

These bicycle wrap skirts by Forest and Fin are pretty phenomenal. I've never seen a design that allows you to wear a skirt while riding a bike as well as one that looks so cute. Laura has been working on these awesome skirts for quite some time now to perfect them and they are finally ready to go into production this summer. They're on preorder right now and are scheduled to ship in the fall. She has put a ton of thought and effort into them to make sure that they're just right. My personal favorite is the canvas one that's been dipped in blue. It's absolutely gorgeous. You can even get this cute little hip pouch to carry all of your stuff in. If you don't want to wear one of those, it still has deep pockets in it. 

I worked with Ashley Gregory for this shoot. Ashley is an amazing makeup artist. I always recommend her to my clients. As usual, she did a really great job. She always takes my vision and makes it come to life. I also worked with Alison Hobson on creating florals to coordinate with the shoot. Alison did the same by creating an incredibly beautiful and wonderful flower arrangement to go into the bike's basket. She knows how much I love girly arrangements and made the perfect one. If I ever get a bike with a basket, I think I'm going to permanently fill it up with flowers just because it looks amazing!

I really hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Vendor Credit:

Clothing: Forest and Fin

Florals: Alison Hobson, CFD, AMF

Makeup: Ashley Gregory