Sample Wedding Day Timeline - Fayetteville, AR Wedding Photographer

One thing that many brides aren't aware of is that it is really important to have a wedding timeline to give to your photographer. By having a wedding timeline similar to the one that I've shown you, it will help ensure that I have enough time to be able to get the shots that you want. This makes both of our lives easier and makes the day of go much smoother. It's important to be realistic about how long everything takes that way you feel relaxed instead of rushed! 


Getting ready shots – 1 hour

Detail shots - 45 minutes - These are mainly taken while you're getting ready. I will pop in and out to capture some getting ready shots, then go back out to get more details. It is very important that you have all of the rings, shoes, garter, invitations, and any other important details that you want me to capture. 

Bride & bridesmaids formal portraits – 20 minutes

First look – 30 minutes  

Bridal party portraits - 30 minutes

Formal portraits – 1 hour - A good rule of thumb is that for every shot you want taken, expect it to take 5 minutes to set up. If you can list everyone by name that you'd like in each shot (instead of just titles), it will make the process go much smoother. Please limit your family formal list to no more than 20 shots. This will make your life easier and will keep your family content.

Ceremony – 1 hour

Bride and groom portraits – 30 minutes

Reception coverage – 4-5 hours

If you have a DJ at your reception, make sure he announces all the big moments before they happen. If you don't have a DJ, assign someone to come and let me know when everything is about to take place. This will ensure that I am always prepared to get each shot!


I hope that this is helpful in your planning process!