Hanna & Forest and Fin

It rained about an hour before the session and I was freaking out. Once it gets closer to summer, my schedule starts filling up. I was like...oh crap. Where the heck am I going to move this to if it rains. And then the sun came out and saved the day. <3

All of these beautiful shirts are made by Forest and Fin. Lara's designs are hand drawn and screen printed by hand using eco-friendly inks and natural materials. They're super high quality and very comfortable. My favorite one is the sparrow. Hanna's favorite one was the owl.

You can check out the rest of their shirts here: www.forestandfin.com

kimberly paige photography northwest arkansas wedding photographer_0194.jpg
kimberly paige photography northwest arkansas wedding photographer_0195.jpg
kimberly paige photography northwest arkansas wedding photographer_0196.jpg
kimberly paige photography northwest arkansas wedding photographer_0197.jpg
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kimberly paige photography northwest arkansas wedding photographer_0219.jpg


It's been quite some time since I've had a client in front of my camera that was so comfortable from the very beginning. Usually, the first several images are just to get them used to being photographed, but for her, she just jumped right in.

This is Alyssa. She is a super gorgeous young lady. I am super happy with how all of these images turned out! I was also really excited to get to use my new 85mm lens. I've had it for almost a week and didn't get to test it out! That's just torture, haha. After this session, I can easily say I've fallen in love with it! :)

northwest arkansas wedding photographer_0182.jpg
northwest arkansas wedding photographer_0183.jpg
northwest arkansas wedding photographer_0184.jpg
northwest arkansas wedding photographer_0185.jpg
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northwest arkansas wedding photographer_0192.jpg
northwest arkansas wedding photographer_0193.jpg

Dance Series - Courtney

Dance shoots are some of my favorites. This one was no different. Coutrney is an amazing dancer and has been dancing since she was itty bitty. When I first started my dance series, she was one of the first dancers I photographed. I soon realized that photographing pointe dancers was my favorite. I asked her to shoot with me to model some clothing for the ever so talented Miss Brache. I am really really thrilled with how these images turned out. <3

You can view more of Miss Brache's work here:



northwest arkansas wedding photographer_0043.jpg
northwest arkansas wedding photographer_0044.jpg
northwest arkansas wedding photographer_0045.jpg
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northwest arkansas wedding photographer_0047.jpg
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northwest arkansas wedding photographer_0049.jpg
northwest arkansas wedding photographer_0050.jpg
northwest arkansas wedding photographer_0051.jpg
northwest arkansas wedding photographer_0052.jpg
northwest arkansas wedding photographer_0053.jpg
northwest arkansas wedding photographer_0054.jpg
northwest arkansas wedding photographer_0055.jpg
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northwest arkansas wedding photographer_0057.jpg
northwest arkansas wedding photographer_0058.jpg
northwest arkansas wedding photographer_0059.jpg
northwest arkansas wedding photographer_0060.jpg
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northwest arkansas wedding photographer_0063.jpg
northwest arkansas wedding photographer_0064.jpg
northwest arkansas wedding photographer_0065.jpg
northwest arkansas wedding photographer_0066.jpg

Alyson - Senior session

I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful young lady a couple weeks ago. I was supposed to photograph her over my spring break, but mother nature had other plans. She tried out for her band scholarship up in Fayetteville, so I took advantage of her time up here to work in her session! We even got a few shots of her and her boyfriend, Chris!


Alyson is a senior from Cabot, AR...my hometown! She plays clarinet and is also in the color guard. She's super sweet and super awesome! These were some of their favorites from their ordering session last weekend. <3

LK, Brooke, and Bailey - shoot and share photographer meet up

Last weekend, I met up with an awesome group of photographers. I'm a part of a local shoot and share group and every few months, we all get together to have fun and shoot some models in the process.

Here are our three gorgeous models…LK, Brooke, and Bailey!

First, here is Bailey. She was super nervous at first but she really relaxed after she realized we were all just nuts. No big deal, just 8 or so photographers photographing you at the same time. That's not intimidating at all!


Meet Brooke <3


And LK! Lastly, Keith and LK being goof balls. :)

Sofiya and Skyelar - a styled shoot

I have a confession.

I am in LOVE with this session.

I am friends with a photographer from Gentry, Nancy. We have known each other for close to 2 years now. Finally, our schedules aligned and we were able to shoot together! She brought a model and so did I. After meeting up, we headed over to Dickson and started shooting. To end the session, we went to a field that had an old barn at the back of the property. After hiking in the wet grass (and filling my shoes with water in the process) we finally made it to there just in time for the golden hour before sunset.

I received some flower crowns in the mail right before the shoot and could not wait to use them. They are gorgeous! The details in them are so precious. The fine and delicate baby's breath is the perfect finishing touch. I even let Skyelar pick out which one she wanted to wear! I am super happy with the crowns and I think they had just the right amount of feminine touch to them. If you'd like to see other crowns that Serenity Crystal has, you can check out her etsy page. She has some really beautiful work and they are of very high quality. I would definitely recommend her if you're planning anything that involves flowers!

I hope you like the contrast between the looks. Versatility always helps make more awesome sessions.

Meet Sofiya and Skyelar!

northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0153.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0154.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0155.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0156.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0158.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0157.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0159.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0160.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0163.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0162.jpg This is Nancy. I thought she was nuts but the shot actually turned out kind of cool!northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0161.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0164.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0165.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0151.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0152.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0148.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0147.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0149.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0146.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0150.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0143.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0145.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0144.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0142.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0141.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0138.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0139.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0140.jpg

Hailey- snowy senior session

Hailey and I had a snowy session this past Sunday. It was about 15 degrees outside but she didn't let that phase her one bit. She braved the cold brilliantly. She came up with some awesome poses on her own and made the session flow really nicely. It was really nice that we were able to shoot in my backyard so she was able to warm up in between outfits. She's an incredibly sweet young lady and has a pretty awesome sense of style!

Also, keep in mind that she picked out her own outfits. So I wasn't the mean old photographer who made her wear shorts...but I was the one who suggested the formal dress! I've always wanted to do a formal shoot in the snow so I finally got my chance! Gotta be brave for art...<3

northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0095.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0097.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0096.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0098.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0094.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0091.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0093.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0092.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0090.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0089.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0088.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0087.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0085.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0084.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0086.jpg northwest-arkansas-wedding-photographer_0083.jpg