Do you travel?

Absolutely! I am available to shoot your big day no matter the location. I don't fly first class or stay in 5 star hotels. I try to limit my expenses, which in return makes it more affordable to bring me along with you.

Do we have to be super cool to book with you?

Heck no. I photograph couples in love no matter what shape and orientation. I am here to document your big day and that's all that matters. I photograph all kinds of ceremonies - whatever kind you can declare your love at! I embrace you how you are. If that means you want to wear a big, fluffy, white dress in a huge church, then that's okay! If you want something super simple with no shoes in your parent's backyard, then that's totally okay too.

We might be super duper awkward in front of the camera. Is that okay?

Yes! I don't expect you to be runway ready. I would be shocked if you did know what to do. Lots of my couples tell me this, so I am very used to it. At the engagement session, I direct you into poses and I give you a little time to warm up to the camera. On your big day, I do not pose candids. They're not candid if they're posed, right?! I'll capture those in between, sneak a peek, smile and giggle moments that really show your love for one another.

Can we meet you so we know you aren't some crazy blue skinned alien?

I'd be way cooler if I was a blue skinned alien, but of course you can meet me. Once you contact me, I usually ask that we meet at a coffee shop somewhere in town, or have an informal Skype date. At the meeting, we discuss what you expect from me and what you're looking for in a photographer. This helps me know if we are a good fit for each other. We will be spending a lot of time together on your wedding day, so it might be just a tad bit important that you like me! 

We would like to book! We love your style and think you're totally awesome. What do we do next?

You can shoot me an email and make sure that I have your date open. If I do, then I can email a contract over to you! In order to save your date, it's a first come, first serve situation. This means that once I have your deposit (1/3 of the package price) and the contract, I'm all yours!! 

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